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The Application of Chinese Tea Poem Elements in Modern Tea Packaging Design — Taking "Qi Wan" Tea as an Example

Tian Liu

Corresponding Author

Tian Liu

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Chinese tea culture, Tea poem, Tea packaging design, Modern packaging design.


Objective: It is to study the cultural connotation and design language of Chinese traditional tea poem cultural elements in tea packaging design and to expand the ideas of modern tea packaging design. Method: Based on the interpretation of tea poetry, it analyzes the graphics of tea poem images, the extraction of tea poem texts, and the branding of tea poem concepts to summarize the cultural elements and composition methods suitable for tea packaging design. Result: It selects tea poem cultural elements with typicality, and applies them to the cultural and creative product design through redesign. Conclusion: Through the presentation of the process and results of tea packaging design, as well as the extraction and analysis of tea poem cultural elements, it provides elements and methods that can be referred to for tea packaging design.


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