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Study on the Artistic Characteristics of Bronze Cattle Symbol

Shuqi Fan, Yi Yang

Corresponding Author

Shuqi Fan

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Bronze, Cattle symbol, Cattle image, Artistic characteristics.


In order to promote the development of traditional culture, this paper explores the artistic characteristics and image connotation behind the cattle totem by studying the origin of the cow totem and combing the development process of the cow symbol in bronze. Through investigation, it is found that the origin of cattle totem comes from the agricultural civilization and the worship of cattle by the ancients. The ancients cast the image of cattle on bronze, reflecting the ancients' sustenance for spiritual activities. In the process of development of bronze ware, the cattle symbol has changed from complicated decorative patterns to practical cattle shaped appliances, and its artistic features have taken on a colorful posture to explore the cultural value of traditional creations.


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