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Possible Applications of the Metaverse Concept in Sculptures

Yu Yang, Lisheng Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yu Yang

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Metaverse, Sculpture, Space, Technology.


Metaverse is the latest development stage of visual immersion digital technology, which is a virtual space independent of the real world. Any effective information in the real world can be mapped in the virtual space to realize the jump and shuttle of information dissemination and provide the possibility to break the limitations of space and time. This paper studies the possible applications of the Metaverse concept in sculpture art, analyzes the generating factors of the Metaverse concept, and redefines the artistic spatial language of sculpture through the immersive experience mode of Metaverse technology, so as to realize digital creation, portable storage and the embodiment of sculpture value in the virtual world. It is hoped to interpret the Metaverse concept in an easy-to-understand way from the perspective of sculpture art and provide theoretical support and direction guidance for the development of sculpture art.


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