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Research on the Development and Design of Huanggang Red Cultural and Creative Products

Ying Liu, Tao Xie

Corresponding Author

Ying Liu

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Huanggang, Red culture and creativity, Product, Design.


Under the vigorous promotion of national policies, Huanggang red tourism economy is developing very rapidly, but the development of local red cultural and creative products is relatively slow, which restricts the healthy development of Huanggang Dabie Mountain red tourism industry. This paper systematically analyzes the main problems in the market of red cultural and creative products in Huanggang Dabie Mountain, and proposes the development ideas and design strategies of red cultural and creative products from the government's policy support, research and development, sales model to the design of products, functional requirements and modeling materials, seeking to provide some reference and guidance to the development of red tourism-related industries in Huanggang Dabie Mountain.


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