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Aesthetic Analysis and Innovative Design of Ming and Qing Furniture

Qi Wang, Mengqian Liu, Mingwei Dai

Corresponding Author

Mengqian Liu

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Ming and Qing furniture, Aesthetic features, Decorative patterns, Furniture design.


Objective: Ming and Qing furniture is the crystallization of human wisdom in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the modeling and pattern of which are not only beautiful, but also contain rich traditional cultural connotations. Today, with abundant material wealth, the quality of life has improved and the modernization of Ming and Qing furniture has encountered problems such as weak innovation and low fashion. Methods: This paper takes Ming and Qing furniture as the research object and explores its aesthetic features by analyzing the development process, modeling features and decorative patterns of Ming and Qing furniture implement design. Conclusion: Taking the cloud pattern as an example to carry out innovative design of modern furniture products can improve the novelty and innovation of Ming and Qing furniture and meet the diversified needs of modern consumers on the basis of protecting the cultural genes of Ming and Qing furniture. The research aims to promote and innovate Ming and Qing furniture and provide reference for its modernization development.


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