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The Road of Design Innovation from the Perspective of Human World

Zheng Wang

Corresponding Author

Zheng Wang

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Anthropocene, Design, Innovation, Sustainable development, Industrialization of design.


The research objective is to explore the human reflection and discuss natural destruction in the Anthropocene era, and to adjust the transformation of "design" innovation. The new direction of "design" innovation is analyzed by examples, and the future path of design innovation is explored by induction and contrast. Design innovation is the only way of sustainable development in anthropocene. Taking "design innovation" as the research direction of discussion, this paper discusses the development direction of design innovation in anthropocene. Two directions of design innovation under the background of anthropocene are proposed: the change of design methods and the change of design thinking. Through scientific and technological innovation, design innovation can promote design innovation, and use design innovation to influence scientific and technological innovation, so as to change the original human dependence on ecological environment. By changing the design thinking, people can understand that people are born for nature and that man and nature are a symbiotic relationship. When design faces more fields and problems, and the original design "paradigm" is no longer in line with the current national conditions, design innovation will become an important way to cope with the changing world.


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