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Inheritance and Innovation of Traditional Culture in Design From the Perspective of Semiotics

Kai He

Corresponding Author

Kai He

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Semiotics, Design science, Inheritance, Narrative design, Cultural and creative design.


The inheritance of traditional culture lies in innovation, and the innovation of design lies in the creation of new symbols. Symbols are the carriers of ideas and culture. In the field of design, the inheritance and development of traditional culture is mainly reflected in the creation of new symbol. Acting on people's intentionality towards "artificiality", symbols are narrative, and the designed "artificiality" serves as the intermediary for the interaction between man and nature, and expresses themselves openly in the form of self-speaking. The expression of this natural language is closer to the truth. Design modeling symbols have their own unique grammer of vition. Using this natural grammar, the modeling symbols are coded closer to the designers' intended point, so as to realize the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.


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