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Study on the Creation Idea of "Round Sky and Square Ground" in Ming Dynasty Round-backed Armchairs

Shiruo Zhang, Jia'nan Duan, Ying Chen

Corresponding Author

Shiruo Zhang

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


"Round Sky and Square Ground", Ming Dynasty round-backed armchairs, Creation idea.


"Round Sky and Square Ground" is an ancient Chinese philosophical concept that not only influences human thinking, but is also reflected in architecture, furniture, painting and calligraphy. In this paper, the shape, materials, structures, crafts, decorative patterns and colors of Ming Dynasty round-backed armchairs are analyzed, and the creation idea of "Round Sky and Square Ground" contained therein is summarized. Through the analysis of the Ming Dynasty round-backed armchairs as a whole, one can understand the ingenuity of ancestors in design and continue this idea and apply it to future designs.


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