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The Protection Mechanism of Folk Dance Culture in Gan Nuo from the Perspective of Dance Ecology

Yuan Zhang, Siqi Li, Li Zeng

Corresponding Author

Li Zeng

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Dance ecology, Gan Nuo, Intangible cultural heritage, Protection mechanism.


As a dance science, "Dance Ecology" takes the relationship between dance and environment as its research objective, and applies it to the exploration of the development law of folk dance culture. Using the research methods in Dance Ecology, this paper explores the protection mechanism of Nuo dance culture in Gan Nuo, a national intangible cultural heritage. By locating the dance ecological niche and the dance ecological range of the folk dance culture of Gan Nuo, this paper analyzes the inheritance and protection value of the folk dance culture of Gan Nuo, finds out the problems faced in the process of cultural protection and inheritance, and explores the protection mechanism of folk dance culture of Gan Nuo, which conforms to the development law of dance ecology, in order to provide a useful reference for the current practice and exploration of the inheritance and protection of Gan Nuo culture.


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