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Discussion on the Form and Implication of Gan Nuo from the Perspective of Dance Ecology

Siqi Li, Yuan Zhang, Li Zeng

Corresponding Author

Li Zeng

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Dance ecology, Gan Nuo, Form, Ecological factors, Implication.


Gan Nuo is a dance with Gan local ethnic characteristics of regional Nuo culture. Its production and development are restricted by local natural, social and cultural conditions, thus forming unique customs. As a discipline specialized in the study of the relationship between dance and ecology, the creation of dance ecology has raised people's cognition and description of dance from the perceptual level to the scientific level, providing new ideas and scientific methods for human research on dance cultural phenomena. Starting from the perspective of dance ecology and taking Gan Nuo as the base point, the article analyzes the dance form of Gan Nuo, further analyzes the ecological environmental factors that affect Gan Nuo, and explores the meaning of Gan Nuo dance, so as to improve the overall study of Gan Nuo dance at the micro level, hoping to contribute to the protection, inheritance and dissemination of Gan Nuo dance.


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