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Study on the Mayakovskaya Metro Station as an Example of Stalinist Architecture in the 1930s

Xu Pan

Corresponding Author

Xu Pan

Publishing Date

31 Dec. 2022


Neoclassicism, The Mayakovskaya Station, Stalinist Architecture.


This study takes Mayakovskaya station as the research object, explores the memorial space and socialist realism public art, and analyzes how the station wins the function of Stalin's politics and official discourse through design. Mayakovskaya Metro station was opened on May 15th, 1938. It was built and designed by architect Aleksey Dushkin and painter Aleksandr Deineka. Mayakovskaya station belongs to the "neoclassicism" style. It is considered to be the product of Stalin's society. It is a product of its time of art, society, culture, technology and politics. 


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