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Research on the Protection of Intellectual Property of Art Porcelain From the Perspective of Internet Big Data Technology

Zhiyu Cao, Xin Cao

Corresponding Author

Xin Cao

Publishing Date

31 Oct. 2022


Art porcelain, Intellectual property, Internet big data, Professional associations, Internet court.


Art porcelain has high artistic value, economic value and academic value, but often suffers from intellectual property infringement. And intellectual property protection of art porcelain often falls into difficulties due to long cycle, low efficiency and high cost. At present, human beings are in an era of new technology and new business mode of Internet big data. Big data provides an important decision-making basis and technical support for intellectual property protection through the specialized collection, analysis and collation of information. Under the perspective of Internet big data technology, a special professional association for art porcelain and an Internet court for art porcelain intellectual property should be established and combined with the existing intellectual property protection platform, which will be helpful to jointly build a new protection platform for the art porcelain industry. At the same time, the government should play a leading role, strengthen the synergy mechanism between intellectual property protection departments of art porcelain and play the role of higher education institutions and research institutes, so as to form a synergy for intellectual property protection and promote a good atmosphere for intellectual property protection of art porcelain in the whole society.


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