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Literature Review and Future Directions of Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior Research in China

Bo Huang, Xin Wei

Corresponding Author

Xin Wei

Publishing Date

31 Oct. 2022


Unethical pro-organizational behaviour, Unethical behaviour, Literature review.


With the rapid development of economy, employees' unethical pro-organizational behaviors (UPB) emerge one after another, they violate social values, moral customs, codes of conduct and laws for the interests of the company. The concept of UPB has been widely concerned in the field of organizational behavior since it was proposed. However, there are still few studies on this topic, and there is a lack of systematic theoretical comb. In view of this, this paper analyzes the concept and connotation of UPB based on related research in China, expounds the research status of UPB and the impact mechanism of different influencing factors on UPB from three aspects: individual, organization and leadership. Finally, in view of the shortcomings of the existing research, the future research directions are prospected.


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