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Study on Factors and Strategies of Effective Classroom Management

Shaoxia Zhan, Jichun Yuan

Corresponding Author

Shaoxia Zhan

Publishing Date

31 Oct. 2022


Classroom management, Management discourse, Discourse immediacy, Classroom management strategies.


Classroom management refers to various practices employed by teachers to make sure that the behavior of the students does not disrupt or interfere with lesson plans, with the intention to maintain an environment that is conducive to instruction and learning, which is important in all classroom settings, even including settings that are largely populated by adults for the necessary rules and procedures to create and maintain the environment in which “teaching and learning” behaviors come out. In addition to the necessary professional knowledge, teachers must also master classroom management skills, so that they can carry out the teaching work proficiency in the classroom environment and the formulation of classroom rules. The discourse immediacy, the rational use of teaching time by teachers and the involvement of students in learning are essential elements of effective classroom management. In order to effectively use teaching time and improve teaching efficiency, excellent teachers will take measures to attract and maintain students’ attention, improve students’ participation, maintain the compactness, rhythm and fluency of teaching activities, and make students aware of the rules and regulations of learning activities, including teachers’ discourse immediacy and other management measures.


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