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Research on the International Competitiveness of China's Paper Industry From the Perspective of Global Value Chain

Lihong Li, Jiaxin Chen, Yiqun Huang

Corresponding Author

Lihong Li

Publishing Date

31 Oct. 2022


Paper industry, Global value chain, Engagement, New comparative advantage index.


The research on the international competitiveness of paper industry based on the perspective of global value chain is of great significance to the development of China's paper industry. Based on the perspective of global value chain, this paper analyzes the position quo of production, consumption and trade of paper industry in China and the world. This paper selects 10 representative countries as reference countries, calculates the participation degree of global value chain related to papermaking industry and new relative advantage index based on trade added value, and evaluates the international competitiveness of China's paper industry. The research shows that the international value chain position of China's paper industry has been significantly improved, but the overall international competitiveness is still at a disadvantage, and there is a certain gap with the paper-making power.


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