Innovation Economics and Management Research (IEMR)

Publisher ISCCAC


The proceedings series Innovation Economics and Management Research (IEMR) aims to publish high-quality peer-reviewed proceedings from conferences on the theories and methods in all fields of economy and management. 

Established in 2022, IEMR is a non-periodical publication (периодичность не определена).

ISSN: 2949-1304

All proceedings in this series are open access, i.e. the articles published in them are immediately and permanently free to read, download, copy & distribute. Each volume is published under the  user license which defines the permitted 3rd-party reuse of its articles. The online publication of each proceedings is sponsored by the conference organizers and hence no additional publication fees are required.


International Science and Culture Center for Academic Contacts (ISCCAC)

Publisher's address:

2/11, Chertanovskaya street, 117208, Moscow, Russia


For conference organizers: 

How should conference organizers publish the conference proceedings?

1.  Determine the conference name and open the conference website.

2.  Important information such as the theme of the conference, call for papers,  conference editorial board, important dates, and contact details should be showed on the website.

3.  The internationalization of the conference editorial board members and paper authors will help to raise the conference level, so it is important to avoid authors from a single region.

4.  The participation of highly cited researchers will increase the academic impact of the conference and the proceedings.

5.  Ensure that the papers accepted for the conference are in line with call for papers, and that they do not contain content that promotes terrorism, racial discrimination, sexism or other content that may cause legal disputes.

6.  Ensure that the correct version of the paper is submitted.

7.  Prepare a preface to the proceedings, which should include the information about the name, date and location of the conference, whether the conference will be held virtually, as well as the organizers, purposes, and scope of the conference.

8.  Ensure that a separate WORD and PDF file for each paper shall be submitted.

9.  All papers submitted for publication in one conference can all be in English, or they can consist of papers of three different languages, including English, Chinese and Russian.

10. Our contact email is

For authors:

Matters need attention for submission:

1.  Abide by academic morality. The repetitive rate of the paper should not exceed 15%. English papers are recommended to check the repetitive rate in Ithenticate database first.

2.  Please click here to download the paper template.

3.  The paper should contain the title, author's name, unit, city, country, abstract, keywords, introduction, main body (must have first-level headings), conclusion, references (including at least 6), etc.

4.  The pictures or tables used should have their respective serial numbers and names, and should be marked in the corresponding position in the paper. Please do not use graphics made by editing software directly and pictures in the paper must be in jpg format. (Mainly because data loss may occur when the graphics are converted to PDF format by the software).

5.  Paper length suggestion: all English papers should be more than 2000 characters (words)

6.  The links in the references must all be available, and the DOI of the references should be marked whenever possible.

7.  The submitted file should be a Microsoft Word document.


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