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Research on Digital Economy's High Quality Development Restrictive Factors and Realization Route

Zijie Zhai,Wenjing Ma,Junfeng Xu

Corresponding Author

Junfeng Xu

Publishing Date

31 Oct. 2022


Digital economy, High quality development, Realization route.


Digital economy, a new economy form with information technology innovation, based on internal power information network as main carrier, is booming in global scope. Now digital economy's total amount continues growing to become an important economy style, but its development quality needs to be optimized; such as its overall scale is expanding, but there are still big differences in regional development. The global digital economy is booming, but there are still loopholes in security and privacy protection. The factors that restrict digital economy high quality development mainly include weak digital foundation, imbalanced industrial integration, shortage of talents and top-level design coordination. Therefore, to promote digital economy high-quality development, it is necessary to accelerate digital infrastructure's construction, optimize industrial structure, promote digital transformation and upgrading, strengthen ability to govern digital economy to optimize its development environment.


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