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The Rise and Fall of Maca Planting in Yunnan and the Difficulty in Peasants' Learning of Economic Knowledge

Rongjiang Gu, Qiulan Xia, Weijun Dai

Corresponding Author

Qiulan Xia

Publishing Date

31 Oct. 2022


Peasant, Farming, Economic knowledge, Knowledge learning, Maca planting.


On the way to get rich for peasants who mainly focus on farming, the phenomenon of "hurting peasants with low price" is the obstacle. One of the countermeasures to overcome the phenomenon of "hurting peasants with low price" is to improve peasants' reserve of economic knowledge. Based on the practical characteristics of peasants' learning of economic knowledge and the analysis of Maca planting in Yunnan, it is revealed that there are difficulties in peasants' learning of economic knowledge, such as not being able to grasp the economic laws and not having the opportunity to participate in the economic game. In order to help peasants learn economic knowledge better, learning resources need to be built through multiple channels from three levels: individual, society and government.


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